Russell Kennedy

Russell Kennedy, are a law firm committed to making a difference for its clients across multiple sectors of focus and industries including property law, business services, aged-care, retirement living, health and not-for-profit. Their Innovation Principal identified that thedocyard would help meet that goal. Alongside their clients, they are reaping the benefits delivered by an end-to-end deal management platform


The Russell Kennedy lawyers are early adopters of a range of different solutions that allow them to proactively meet their clients’ needs head-on.


There is an overabundance of information about innovation in legal services, the challenge is cutting through the noise to identify what will actually work for clients.


Russell Kennedy needs to deliver a competitive edge to clients in the context of transactions. Transactions inherently involve a large volume of interactions, communications and exchange of documentation between teams. The challenge is to simplify and streamline this process.


The results of the Beaton Consulting research showed that more than one in four company lawyers cannot name a law firm they regard as innovative. Russell Kennedy want to stand out from other law firms and offer its clients something that will make a difference to their service experience.

Experience of thedocyard

The Russell Kennedy lawyers were attracted to thedocyard because it delivered a clear and market-leading solution to a core pain point. Through using thedocyard’s solution, email traffic is reduced and the team has a single source of truth for all documents relating to the deal. It’s a platform that both staff and clients are adopting as they can immediately see and experience the benefits it brings.


The firm is using thedocyard to manage workflow and it has created efficiencies by moving many manual tasks into the platform. Being a Cloud solution, the team is reaping the benefits of easily and securely logging into the platform from anywhere to review and manage documents.


thedocyard has turned “the old way” of doing things on its head, by managing information, multiple email chains and multiple tasks at once. It limits the inherent risk of missing things in the completion of a deal.

Impact and outcome

thedocyard enables complete visibility across workflow ensuring that the tasks which need to be completed by different people, in different locations are being executed on time and it also allows real-time collaboration between the different parties.


The most significant benefits for the Russell Kennedy team and clients are more effective communication and reduced risk.


True to the Russell Kennedy client service led culture, as well as working with thedocyard’s own Customer Success team to contribute to the featureset roadmap; it is engaging directly with its clients to gather feedback about the positive impacts of thedocyard, and in turn constantly improving its service offering.