McKenzie Group

McKenzie Group is a specialist consultancy in Building Surveying, Certification, Accessibility and compliance risk management. Their “solutions and service ethos” was a perfect match for thedocyard’s innovative, end-to-end transaction management platform


McKenzie Group were presented with the challenge of enabling stakeholders all over the world to collaborate in one space to execute a deal. This required a platform that could deliver on multiple fronts from advisors accessing information across multiple international locations to real-time, seamless communication.


During a complex joint venture, multiple parties needed different access rights to securely stored documents, external to the company’s main servers, from anywhere, anytime. thedocyard solved for this and provided universal storage and tightly controlled login and permission levels, specifically relevant to each adviser in the deal.

Experience of thedocyard

The team found the platform simple and straightforward to use and required very little assistance in creating an effective platform for their deal collaboration.


As is our policy at thedocyard, our Customer Success Team were on hand to walk the team through their first time login, deal space and user set up .


As with the nature of any deal, the various stakeholders needed everything immediately and being able to give access to people quickly whilst maintaining tight permission control was fundamental to the deal’s speed and success.

Impact and outcome

As with all our clients, thedocyard’s Business Solutions team worked alongside McKenzie’s during the set up of the platform. It then enabled McKenzie Group to centralise the information and allow advisers to access it in real time, regardless of their physical location.


It facilitated collaboration and document sharing with multiple stakeholders accessing the same files at once, whilst enjoying the total reassurance of knowing that the information cannot be manipulated through strict user controls.


Introducing others to the platform was easy and the advisers adopted the solution straight away.