Lindsay Street Partners

Lindsay Street Partners is a boutique corporate law firm with experience in corporate finance and M&A deals. Bennett Greenhalgh, Director, was constantly surprised at the lack of technology adoption and innovation in large law firms and is now spearheading new solutions to address the legal challenges within clients’ businesses.


The pressures for teams working across transactions, managing version control and ensuring accuracy to avoid errors that might cascade into more errors later in the deal, are immense. Not only this but the significant time investment when updating enormous spreadsheets and other documents leaves firms vulnerable.


A simple task update being incorrect or misplacing an executed document can lead to significant issues when it comes to closing. Ensuring the deal is done right, on time, and on budget whilst minimising mistakes requires new ways of thinking and alternative solutions to the standard Microsoft or Sharepoint alternatives.

Experience of thedocyard

Lindsay Street takes pride in the fact that they encourage clients to move away from the status quo in how deals are run. Those who are adopting thedocyard in place of manual processes are quickly seeing the benefits of having a dynamically updating portal.


The audit trail is invaluable in those situations where an agreement has multiple versions or you need clarity over the source of particular content.


The ability to create, publish and save templates, and capture the tasks that are required, provides the reassurance that nothing will be missed and that teams stay ahead of the curve. The levels of data security that thedocyard offers, privacy controls and protections, are just a few more of the many features which make this solution effective.

Impact and outcome

The real value of any lawtech tool is maximised when all stakeholders adopt it in place of manual processes and solutions. In that context, when everyone uses it, thedocyard reduces the risk of error, creates a centralised portal from which to manage different tasks and versions across all parties and reduces friction in the deal process.


Applied to an in-house context, when briefing out multiple projects, it is an effective  portal to standardise the way in which all stakeholders are working; helping to manage the lifecycle of multiple deals at once and keep on top of deadlines. Creating a single portal and inviting external counsel, assigning task lists for each means that you can monitor at a glance where all the matters are.